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What do video/phone appointments involve?

In terms of the actual session content, they are identical to those conducted face to face with one exception – we are unable to make use of the rewind technique due to best practice working guidelines.

You will need:

  • Laptop/desktop computer or smart phone
  • Webcam or built-in camera that faces you
  • Stable internet connection

Headphones with a microphone (ie. mobile phone headphones) are also a very good idea to keep your session more private.

I make use of Zoom online conferencing software, which is fully encrypted – if you are using a mobile phone you may need to install the Zoom app,  which is free to download from the apple or google play stores.

If using a computer you can join the session via your browser (I will send a link). I will also recommend that you find a quiet location where you will not be disturbed for the duration of our session and we will agree in advance what to do should we lose connection for any reason.

If you find it difficult finding a private space to talk, you could try calling from a parked car (even if it’s just outside your house), or take a nice long walk. You could even just find a park bench.

If you have any worries, please get in touch and I’ll make sure you’re all set!

Evidence indicates that online sessions can be just as effective as face to face and perhaps even easier to attend!

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Using video software

Laptop or desktop computer

I will send you a link so you won’t need to download an app or sign up!

Mobile device or tablet

Please use the links below to download the video chat software on your mobile device.

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