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Mental Health Support training will be available soon as one-to-one sessions or pre-booked group events.

For those who have family, friends, loved ones or acquaintances suffering from any mental health condition. Find out how best to talk with and support those you care about so they’re not going it alone. You can lend meaningful support to help speed up the recovery and improve day-to-day management of depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, addiction and phobias.

Please call or email to find out more…

Phone: 07976 597 672



  • Agree a “warning signs” list and don’t be afraid to put it on a wall
  • Find an easy way to ask if things are ok
    • Dig deeper if you think the “I’m fine” doesn’t ring true.
  • Accept a level of responsibility for the person you care about
    • They may have convinced themselves they are fine or even be completely unaware
  • Confide in someone else to help you if/when appropriate

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