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Kat has been involved in coaching and counselling for over 10 years and has a wide range of associated experience. She also volunteers for Samaritans of Leicester and works for a local voluntary sector charity providing counselling to survivors of childhood sexual abuse.


Kat is qualified in the Human Givens Counselling approach and a graduate member of the Human Givens Institute, which is Professional Standards Agency accredited.  She has also completed accredited training in Integrative counselling with the University of Leicester and undertaken further training in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

She is committed to ongoing personal and professional development in order to ensure that she provides the best service to her clients.

Kat is a trained Samaritans Volunteer, experienced in providing support to a wide range of individuals suffering emotional distress, experiencing mental health problems, and suicidal feelings via phone, email, text and face to face conversations.

Kat has more than 10 years of experience providing coaching in both corporate and private environments, working with a range of clients and variety of needs

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Kat is proud to be included on the following counselling and coaching registers and directories.

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