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Positive Change provides counselling services on behalf of several high profile health insurers. If you have health insurance with one of the providers listed below, please give them a call and find out how you can claim on your insurance – remember to ask specifically for Positive Change as your service provider.

  • Aviva: 0800 158 3344
  • Aetna: 0345 601 0072
  • Vitality Health: 01252 745966

Charities & Health Service Providers

Kat Marlow is also a counsellor for many charitable organisations providing both paid and voluntary work.

Juniper Lodge - Sexual Assault Referral Centre

  • Quetzal: 0333 101 4280
    Supporting women recovering from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse
  • Juniper Lodge: 0116 273 3330
    Juniper Lodge provides a free and discreet service to anyone aged 18 years and over, male or female that has been subject to a sexual assault.
  • HAB: Harborough Anti Bullying: 07432 476339
    Providing free help, support, advice and counselling for anyone suffering from, or affected by, bullying or it’s related issues.

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